Blind to Blood

Ben Berstgel had a unique job. He was a tissue procurement specialist. When someone died, he would surgically remove people’s body parts for donation. He really enjoyed doing it. So much so when an anonymous email asked him to consider recovering people’s body parts on the side, he was more than happy to oblige. Trouble was Ben sought out live people to fulfill his clandestine client’s needs. Read all about Ben’s exploits in this riveting book that delves into tissue procurement.

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This thing, what is it in itself, in its own constitution? What is its substance and material?” – Marcus Aurelius
“What do you get when you cross Hannibal Lecter, Jack the ripper, Charles Manson? You get Ben Berstgel. A man so consumed with hatred of others killing is like breathing. Ben, through entries into his journal tells us about his life, who was his first kill and why he started killing.
Reading Blind to Blood will leave you reeling, tormented with images only the strong could handle and gasping for air as you try to balance reality and fiction – or is it really fiction?
George Kramer has given us his best writing to date. With each book; be it kids book, musing from his daughter or medical horror, George Kramer leaves you wanting more.
Blind to Blood, a must read for all those who enjoy the darker side of the psych. Prepare for blood and a lot of it. Blind to Blood is flowing with it!”

“This dark and twisty thriller will keep you turning the page. The gruesome details will haunt you and keep you wanting more. I’m ready for a sequel!”

“I just finished Blind To Blood by George Kramer. I loved how Ben the main character’s mind worked. Dark, yet funny at times. The book kept my interest, it was hard to put down! It was sick and twisted, and at times made my skin crawl! Well done George! It’s an excellent read hoping for sequel!”